Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Trust Him to Draw Them to Him

The first time our grandchildren are placed into our arms, we know we will love them forever. We hold them tight and with each grandchild, we are completely convinced we are holding the most adorable grandchild ever!

Grandchildren, and the joy they bring, are a true gift from the hand of God and we grandmas will do anything to keep them safe and happy. But the truth is, the best thing we will ever do to help our grandchildren be safe and happy is to put them in God's hands. He loves them more than do we, He knows what is most important and He will do what is needed to draw them to Him. We need to daily put our grandchildren into His hands, knowing when we do, they are in the best place they could ever possibly be. 

Summer is here. It is a time when we are able to see God's amazing creation and enjoy time outside spending time in it. Isn't it comforting to know the God Who created everything loves our grandchildren (and adult children, too) - even more than do we and He wants them to love Him even more than you and I? 

This is why Jesus came to Earth - to show God's amazing love and to draw us to Him. There was no other reason - He loves us! He loves those we love! God loves us!

Consider making John 3:16 and 12:32 a simple prayer for those you love . . . 

Thank You God for loving the ones I love. Thank You for sending Jesus to draw them to You. Please help them believe. Amen.
Pray for the ones you love! Tell them of God's faithfulness! Love them and be sure they know God loves them, too! Take time today to thank God for the gift of grandchildren, the joy they bring and for the gift of knowing we are able to trust Him with them.

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