Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Walk to the Priorities God has Given to You

What are your priorities? If you are still working, you probably have work priorities. If you are serving in your church, you probably have ministry priorities. There are lots of other areas in our lives where we have priorities.

But the most important priorities for us are the ones God has set before us - handing down the faith to our children and grandchildren. As Ravi Zacharias said; 
There are so many needs in the world and our hearts cannot carry them all. You must walk to the priorities God has set before you.
Oh yes, there are many important things for us to do in this world; many priorities. But, the most important are the ones God gives to us. Certainly do what you are able to do to give your best to the other responsibilities and priorities in your life, but be sure to keep the most important priority in view and know as you do, you are doing what God wants you to do. 

It is the goal of Grandmas with Heart to provide information, ideas and resources to help you with this most important priority. You will also find great help and resources from the Christian Grandparenting Network at this link. Make use of these resources and hand down the faith!

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