Thursday, May 21, 2020

You Absolutely are Impacting Their Future

When we grandmas (and grandpas/ parents, too) live our every-day lives the children we love are watching. As we show selflessness, honesty, hard work, kindness, faith, integrity, love, joy, peace, etc. we are doing something important. We are helping to establish a strong foundation which our grandchildren will draw upon as they move into the future and live their own lives. We may at times feel like we are not doing "anything" to hand down the faith. We may at times feel like we do not know what to do to hand down the faith. We may at times feel like the things we are doing to hand down the faith are not "working", but when we live lives which show these values, virtues, and behaviors, we are doing something significant. We are absolutely handing down the faith and the ones we love will notice and remember.

So, today, please feel encouraged. Please know what you do in your day-in-day-out living of your life matters. Please know you matter. Please know you are making a true difference, because you are helping to lay a firm foundation for the ones you love, and this absolutely will impact their futures.

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