Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Be Ready to Get Involved

Certainly as grandmas (and grandpas, and parents, too) we pray for our grandchildren and children. This is one of the most important things for us to do, but we need to know praying is not just about talking with God. It also includes being ready to move and get involved in the answer as well.

So, pray. Pray some more. Pray at all times and pray unceasingly. Then watch for how God answers while being prepared to be part of God's answer. Maybe the part you have in the answer involves spending time with them rather than time on a golf course - choose to be part of the answer, and choose the one which matters. Maybe the part you have in the answer involves planning a Virtual GrandCamp and engaging in this hands-on way to connect with your grandchildren, build memories, and help them learn to talk with God for themselves. Maybe the part you have in the answer involves opening your home and having your grandchildren over more often this summer to give their parents a break - and give you the opportunity to engage with your grandchildren even more.

Whatever your part looks like, when you pray expect God will answer and part of His answer may involve you. Be ready to get involved!

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