Monday, June 15, 2020

Be "That Place"

As grandmas (and grandpas, too) we absolutely want our home to be "that place". By this I mean we want our home to be the place where . . . 
  • Our grandchildren know for sure they are absolutely loved.
  • Our grandchildren are certain they are wanted.
  • Our grandchildren have no doubt they will be accepted.
  • Our grandchildren are convinced they will be listened to and still loved no matter what.
Oh yes, we absolutely want to be "that place". So, it is obvious this means we need to be certain we . . . 
  • Tell and show absolute love to our grandchildren at all times.
  • Tell and show our grandchildren they are most certainly wanted.
  • Tell and show grandchildren how they are accepted, undoubtedly!
  • Tell and show we stop what we are doing to listen to our grandchildren and continue to love and accept them no matter what.
We are able to be "that place" and more importantly, we must be "that place". 

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