Sunday, June 28, 2020

Believe in the God of the Big & Little Things

If we have older grandchildren, they are possibly stressing over the unknown parts of their soon-to-arrive future - the return to school or start/return to college. The last school year ended in the most unexpected way and many of our grandchildren not only had to finish their year at home, but many have not been able to get together with their friends for months. These are certainly big things to them.

Over the past few months you have likely been encouraging them with the truth of how they are able to trust God in and for these big things. This is the truth. They - and you - are able to trust God for the big things.

But, they are also able to trust God for the little, every day things as well. One way to help them do this, is by helping them look for the big, and everyday regular things for which they are thankful. If they are able to see God's blessings among their challenges, they will learn to be thankful and to trust God. Consider starting the "Blessings Book" I wrote about the other day (you will find it at this link.) 

So, as they look at a return to school in the coming month or two, encourage - and model for them to trust God with everything - big and little - in today, tomorrow, and in the months to come. 

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