Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Convey Love Heart to Heart

We know our eyes speak volumes - we certainly see this when our grandchildren smile with their eyes twinkling or if they are angry it often shows in their eyes. Our love for our grandchildren is something which they are able to see in our eyes - as well as if we are angry or sad about something as well. Our eyes are a powerful way to communicate with our grandchildren - we need to think about this as we interact with them.

When we are sad, disappointed, or angry about something, we need to watch what our eyes say or our grandchildren may see and stop listening. When we are happy and are expressing our love our eyes will reinforce this to our grandchildren - they will notice and will listen more carefully to the words we are saying.

So, use your eyes. Look into your grandchildren's eyes with care and love - it is a powerful way to express your care and love from your heart to their heart.

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