Sunday, June 7, 2020

Help Give a Sense of Worth

I like this saying from Mr. Rogers; it certainly applies to today. We need to be people who talk and live in a way which shows all others they are worthwhile; and we need to model this to the children we love, so they do the same.

I also definitely believe there is a bit more to put with this. Yes, our world needs a sense of worth and we need to be people who show this to all others, but this "feeling of being worthwhile" is most truly found in understanding and believing how full of worth we all are in God's eyes. 

Yes, when all people - especially people we love and respect - see us as being worthwhile, we are able to feel worthwhile, but our greatest sense of worth and value comes when we see ourselves as God does; as His precious creation who are loved beyond measure by Him.

So, most definitely be a person who lives in a way which shows all others they are worthwhile to you and the world. Share with your children and grandchildren how very much you love and value them; how they have so much worth to you. And share the truth with everyone about how their Creator; God Himself, loves them and values them more than they are ever able to realize. As they experience how you love, value them and see them as so very worthwhile, and then see and believe the same magnified greatly as how God sees them, they will see themselves as being worthwhile, too, and be able to live as people who hand down a sense of worth to all people they meet and know.

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