Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Teach Them to Run to God

It is clear we are able to say so far 2020 has shaped up in ways none of us would have ever imagined with covid-19, quarantine, home school, protests, riots, and focus upon making needed changes in the way people are treated in this country. Adults struggle to deal with all these things, so it is not surprising if the children we love may feel afraid, uncertain, lonely, and sad. If ever there was a time to teach the children we love to run to God, certainly this is it.

While teaching our grandchildren how to be people who talk with God is a big part of handing down the faith, and is something we should do on a regular basis by the things we say and do, there is no better time than now to encourage them with the truth of how God wants them to turn to and talk with Him and running to God in prayer is the first thing for them to do throughout their lives whenever they feel uncertain, afraid, lonely, sad, or any other way.

This is true for us and our adult children as well. If the stress of 2020 is getting to you, turn to God, and people who care. You are not alone. Make prayer a big part of your day, find ways to serve others, take time to listen and learn, and look for opportunities to encourage those who need to be encouraged. 

While 2020 has most certainly been filled with unexpected things, there is a huge blessing which is coming from this time as well - we are able to see more clearly the value of family, friends, and all people. If we add to this becoming people who pray more and who are able to help the ones we love learn to do the same, then 2020 will end up being a powerful, transformative time in all of our lives.

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