Friday, June 26, 2020

True Love is Spelled G-I-V-E

We know true love is spelled "g-i-v-e". We know this. Our grandchildren know this as well. It matters for us to be generous when it comes to showing this true love by the ways we give - consider the following . . . 
  • Give generously when it comes to our time. Spend as much time with our grandchildren as we are able. Choose time with them before you spend your time in other ways every possibly opportunity. We know the days before us are fewer than the days behind us, so don't waste the days we have left. Spend them in ways which truly matter. Give generously when it comes to our time - in person and through tech as this absolutely shows true love.
  • Give generously when it comes to praying for and with the ones we love. There are so many things we are not able to do, but God is not limited by anything. So giving generously of our time by praying for and with our grandchildren is a huge way we show true love.
  • Give thoughtfully when it comes to actual gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and any other gift-giving opportunity. Yes, there are absolutely times when we give physical gifts to the ones we love. When we are thoughtful and put time into choosing those gifts, it shows we know and love the one to whom we give the gift.
These are just a few ways for us to show true love by the way we "g-i-v-e" - what do you do to give?

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