Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Virtual Grand Camp!

Sherry Schumann and Cathy Jacobs are two of our Grandmas with Heart. They are also two grandmas who lead a GrandCamp each year for their church. This year with covid-19, they decided to make this year's GrandCamp a Virtual GrandCamp and open it up to any grandparent, anywhere, so they are able to use it with their grandchildren. Today I am so delighted to share the information you need to make a Virtual GrandCamp part of what you do with your grandchildren this summer!

So, what is "Virtual GrandCamp"? Well, on the webpage (which you will find at this link) you will see five days of lessons, activities, and more to help you focus upon teaching your grandchildren what it means to pray and how to pray using the Lord's Prayer as your guide. Check it out and plan to use it with your grandchildren - in person, or even at a distance as this would be a tremendous resource to use with your grandchildren through tech.

Thank you Sherry, Cathy, and team for putting together such an excellent resource and for making it available for grandparents to use with the children they love.

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