Friday, July 24, 2020

Encourage Them with "You Make My Heart Happy"

I have another blog, grandma's cookie jar. One of the things I do on it is review items grandmas/parents may be interested in - such as a lot of books. One  publisher invited me to review a book for children, Pinky Got Out! 

My grandsons were at my house when the book arrived - my youngest grandson saw it, and asked his poppa to read it to him. After they did this, I asked my grandson if he liked the book. He said; "It is the best thing ever . . . except for you, grandma. Nothing is better than you, grandma!" My heart was so happy!

I, of course, gave my grandson a big hug and told him he made my heart happy - which resulted in him having a smile on his face which even twinkled in his eyes!

This is the thing about joy - when you share it with others, you end up experiencing so much more of yourself. Look for opportunities to point out to your grandchildren when they say or do something which fills your heart with joy. The impact on them is measureless - and is something easy for you to do which will encourage them, make a difference in their lives, and put a smile on your face as well.

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