Thursday, July 23, 2020

For A Time We Cannot See

I remember the first time I looked into the eyes of each of my grandsons - I knew I would love them forever and I knew I wanted to be certain to hand down the faith to each of them. 

My oldest grandson will be twelve in two months - the time has flied! If life follows the "normal", "typical" path, as it does for most families, I will not outlive them on this Earth. This quote from Crawford Loritts is absolutely true - I am here for a time I will not see, and what I do impacts future generations. This is why it matters for me to be faithful to hand down the faith.

I do not know what life will bring to my grandsons, but I do know it will have its difficult, confusing, sad, and frustrating times. It matters for them to be able to remember how their poppa and I responded during those same types of times. It matters for them to be able to remember the things we said to them about trusting God and walking with Him. It matters what we do and it matters what we say. 

We will not always be here and able to model and hand down the faith to our grandchildren, but we are now. Now matters. What we do and say now matters for our grandchildren - and for future generations. We absolutely are here for now and for a time we cannot see.

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