Saturday, July 25, 2020

Hand Down the Faith with a Sticky-Note Bible Tool!

When you have grandchildren who are old enough to begin reading the Bible on their own, consider giving them some of those narrow strip sticky notes to use them to mark when they read a verse which they do not understand. Then, when they are at your house, they will be able to ask you what the verse is talking about.

If we want them to understand what they read, and we know there will be many passages they are likely to find confusing, the sticky notes are an easy way for them to engage with us with the goal of understanding God's Word.

This is a simple idea you could use with your grandchildren. If our goal is to have them develop a walk with God of their own and for them to read and understand God's Word on their own, then equipping them with tools to help them do these things is part of what we must do. This is one very easy tool we are able to give to them. It is handing down the faith.

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