Friday, July 24, 2020

He is Not Finished With You

Do you ever wonder if the things you say and do make a difference when it comes to your grown children and grandchildren? Do you ever question the value of the things you have to offer to them? Do you feel like you may be from an "old" time and the things you know just do not "fit" with today?

If so, please take this quote from Beth Moore to heart - "If you are still alive, then God is NOT finished with you!"

Regardless of how you feel, the truth is God has a plan for your life. He knew what He was doing when He created you, put you in your family, put the people in your family who make up your family, placed you in the time on Earth in which you live, and created you with your talents, abilities, and gifts.

And, His perfect plan is for you to hand faith to the children He put in your life. This is your job - and great joy and you have much to offer. So, regardless of how you feel, please hold tightly to the truth - God is NOT finished with you.

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