Sunday, July 26, 2020

Make Sure Your Grandchildren Know About Prayer

Part of what we do when we hand down the faith is focus upon giving our grandchildren a true view of prayer. Some children find it easy to talk with God, while others are confused when it comes to talking with Someone they are not able to see. But, if they are able to learn to talk with - and in so doing, connect with - God, the impact upon their lives is powerful.

Consider some of the following ideas for helping your grandchildren connect with God by learning to talk with Him - 
  • Instead of talking about "praying", instead use the words, "talk with God", "tell God thank You", "tell God your concerns", "tell God you are sorry", etc.
  • Give your grandchildren a journal and help them learn to stop and think each day about the ways large and small where they are able to see how God is answering their prayers.
  • Share with them your prayer history as well as the prayer history of their ancestors. Make sure they know how God has answered prayers of their family in the past.
  • Always rejoice with them when God answers prayer - help them see the many ways He does this.
  • Talk with God with them.
  • Make sure they know you are talking with God on their behalf.
These are just a few ways you are able to help your grandchildren build strong "links" which help them connect with God.

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