Wednesday, August 19, 2020

A Grandma Loves Forever & Shows It

I do not know who first said this quote, but it is certainly something we all have thought - we will hold these little ones for a short time, but while we know they will grow too big for laps, they will never  outgrow our love. We remember how it felt to be the mom - there were times when we wondered if the diapers, late night feedings, toilet training, etc. would ever end, but as the grandmas we know the years actually just flew by and before we knew it our children were grown.

As these children we love grow up and head for life as adults, there are things we are able to do which will stay with them forever. When we take time to show love; they will remember, so what are some of the best ways to show love? Consider the following . . .
  • Listen to them. As children, they often have to be quiet as the adults talk and since children have a way of talking a lot about things in which most adults are not highly interested, they may feel like nobody wants to listen to them. Be the adult who listens - no matter if the topic is interesting to you, or not. Remember, God always listens to you; when you always listen to them, they will feel loved and they will remember.
  • Give them options; let them choose. Again, as children they often feel as if they have no control over their lives - the adults make all the choices for them. As much as possible, let them have the ability to make choices.When you do this, they will feel loved and they will remember.
  • Get to know them. Pay attention to the things which make them, them. Learn their favorite colors, favorite snacks, favorite meals, favorite board games, favorite books, etc. When you take the time to get to know them - and remember, they will feel loved and they will remember.
  • Be their biggest "fan". Be ready to encourage them when they do something special - or even try something new. Cheer them on to try new things and when they succeed. Be the person they are able to count upon to always be happy to see them/hear from them. When you do this, they will feel loved and they will remember.
  • Be the person who not only prays for them, every day, but who they are absolutely confident about being able to go to with their own prayer requests. Yes, oh yes, tell them you pray for them every day. Yes, oh yes, allow them to see and even hear you pray for them. But be certain you ask for prayer requests and tell them to always feel free to come to you on their own with things they want you to pray about for them - whether they are walking with God right now, or not. When you do this, they will feel loved and they will remember.
These are just a few ways you are able to show your love to your grandchildren (and grown children, too). While they will physically outgrow your lap, or no longer hold hands, they will never outgrow your heart. Show your love - when you do this, they will feel loved and they will remember.

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