Monday, August 10, 2020

Back-to-School Prayer for Our Grandchildren

As our grandchildren learn what their return to school looks like for them, it is important for us to remember what Wayne said - 
Parents & grandparents hold the "keys to the Kingdom" in the eyes of their children and grandchildren. The family is the most important classroom in a child's life - where they learn best what's important in their life.
Whether we are teaching on purpose by sharing something specific, or teaching by the way we live each day - we are teaching, they are watching and they are learning what is important to us - and may become what is important to them.

With this in mind, as our grandchildren go though the coming year of school, they are likely to have times where they experience success and times where they do not. If they are able to learn to depend upon and trust God in the positive as well as the challenging times, they will be ready to face whatever the new school year brings . . . and whatever life brings as they learn to make this depending upon and trusting God part of the way they face each day of their life. Make Isaiah 26 part of your prayer for your grandchildren . . . 
Thank You God for the true peace You give to those who depend upon and trust You. As my grandchildren face whatever today brings, please help them make the choice to always trust You, their Rock, forever. Amen.
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