Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Be the Link in the Chain which Connects the Past with the Future

We grandmas and grandpas certainly have the best "job" ever. We get to snuggle our grandchildren when they are little, read books, play games, enjoy taking them places, do science experiments together, teach them to cook, use tools, and be their biggest cheerleaders. We get to hand down confident faith and teach them about God, Jesus, the Bible, and how to talk with them. Oh yes, without a doubt, we have the best job ever!

But there is more to being a grandparent than the fun and games - there is the handing down of a confident faith. One way we do this is by being the link between the past and the future - in the flesh. We are able to share with them the history of their family and be sure they know about the times, such as in our family, when their great-great grandparents and great-great-great grandpa were saved from the tornado. We get to tell them how one of their great-great-great grandpas helped build the mighty Shasta Dam and another gave food from his grocery store to families who could not buy food in the depression and saved their lives. We get to tell them how their grand-aunt traced their family line back to people on the Mayflower, pirates, and European royalty, how a great-great- many times great-grandpa was hit on the head, thrown on a boat, taken to America. and sold as an indentured servant. We are able to help them understand more of where they "come from" when we tell them about their great-great-great grandma who was a Native American. Most importantly, we are blessed to share how God worked in the lives of family in the distant past, in our own lives, and help them learn to watch for what He does in their own lives as well.

The histories of our grandchildren's family are important as they are a way to help them connect to the past and learn to pay attention to the present while looking forward to the future. They give us a way to help the generations who come behind us trace God's hand through the lives of their ancestors and know what it looks like to see His hand in their own lives as well. It helps them see and remember God's love.

Learning about our ancestors has become something many people do now days - if you have learned about your ancestors, take time to write about them - and most importantly, how God worked in their lives. Share this history with your children and grandchildren - be the link in His chain of love which connects the past with the future.

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