Sunday, August 16, 2020

Be Sure They - and You - Know the Truth

Do you ever wonder if God truly hears your prayers? Do you have prayers you have prayed for years which you continue to pray - all without seeing anything which gives you an inkling an answer is near? If so, take heart in this quote from Joni - "There is nothing which moves a loving father's soul quite like his child's cry."

There is no father more loving than God, so if we human fathers - and mothers - grandfathers/ grandmothers - are moved by the cries of the children we love, why do we think God would have a heart of stone? He loves us with a far greater love than we are even able to imagine. So, today if you are feeling like God does not hear your prayers - toss aside those feelings and hold tightly to the truth - God hears, and answers, our prayers!

Share this truth with the ones you love as God hears and answers their prayers, too! As they return to a school year filled with uncertainty, and even some fear, encourage them to turn to God with their concerns, unknowns, and fears. Help them see God will hear them. He will answer them. Because He loves them.

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