Friday, August 14, 2020

Faith & Love

If you have children and grandchildren who love and follow God, be thankful - you are so blessed to be able to team up with your sons, daughters and sons/daughters-in-law to hand down the faith. 

If you do not have children and/or grandchildren who love and follow God, be thankful, you are still able to hand down the faith, because in both situations our faith in God makes all things possible. 

Whether you have a team to work with you to hand down the faith or not, you still have God and with faith in Him, like Caleb of old, and with God on our side it does not matter what we face - our challenges may be huge and we may feel like grasshoppers, but God is bigger than any challenges!

We certainly love our children and grandchildren with our all and this makes no matter what we face "easy" for us to make the choice to do what we need to do to hand down the faith.

So, yes, faith makes all things possible - and our love for our children and grandchildren makes all things easy!

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