Saturday, August 22, 2020

Grandmas are Cookie-Bakers!

Just for fun today, what cookie do you make the most for your grandchildren? Please comment below to let us know your family's favorite cookie. 

At my house (Lynda) the favorites are straight up toll house and peanut butter toll house!

While baking cookies may seem like a small thing, it is one of the things our grandchildren will remember - how their grandma had a cookie jar filled with their favorite cookies - and how they were even able to help make those cookies, too!

When we make cookies our grandchildren enjoy and involve them in the process, we are building a strong relationship and showing with our actions - in this simple . . . and tasty way, our words are true - we love them with our all!

So, bake some cookies today for your grandchildren - if they live far, send them a care package and "spread the love".

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