Friday, August 21, 2020

Hand Down a Confident Faith So They Have Wisdom

I love this quote from Charles Swindoll - 
Wisdom is looking at life from God's point of view.
God's point of view is the one which matters. As intentional Christian grandmas (and grandpas/ parents, too) we know this. But the world in which the children we love are growing up and where they live does not necessarily know or believe this. Our grandchildren will have people - friends, teachers, even family, who tell them God's point of view doesn't matter because God is not real. If we do not equip them with the reasons "why" they are able to believe God is real, it is all too possible a day will come when they stop believing.

We must make handing down a confident faith the focus of our final years on this Earth - what could ever matter more? We must tell the amazing things God has done in our lives and in the lives of the family who came before us, so the ones who follow are able to know and remember the ways God has shown He is real.

We must live a real faith - the things we do must match the things we say. We must show the ones we love our faith is real because our God is real so they will know and remember the ways God has shown He is real.

And, happily, God does not leave us on our own to find ways to show our grandchildren the "whys" - why they are able to believe He is real and trust Him with confidence, as He filled the world in which we live with animals which have His fingerprints all over them! When we share these animals and how they show they were designed intentionally and with purpose, we - and the ones we love - are able to see they require a Designer - and our own life experiences, plus the Bible show us Who the Designer is and how we are able to know and believe in Him with confidence!

This is the reason I've been writing the new series - "Life on the 'Goldilocks Planet' - Animals Show Us They Were Designed 'Just Right'" I've shared book one with you - "Blue Dragons, Red Pandas, Hoopoes & More!" and am happy to let you know book two will be available tomorrow! "Eyelash Vipers, Pygmy Elephants, Pangolins & More!" is the second book and is filled with one dozen more animals - many of which you may never have heard about before, full color photos, fun facts, quotes from Scientists, activities, all to encourage important conversations which will help you hand down a confident faith!

Book One is available in our bookstore and on-line through Amazon, and tomorrow Book Two will be as well. Both books are available for your church to get at a rock-bottom price to use with the families in your church to help the parents/grandparents hand down a confident faith (find out about it at this link.) 

Hand down a confident faith, so the ones you love have wisdom . . . these books will help you do this!

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