Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Help Them Know, Love & Confidently Follow Jesus

We are not able to give to others what we do not have for ourselves. If we are not growing spiritually, we will not be equipped to help our grandchildren/children grow spiritually. Sometimes it is easy - too easy - to focus on the "things" we need to do every day and lose sight of the thing upon which we really need to be focused . . . knowing and walking with Jesus.

So - what are some of the things for which we need to depend on and trust God? Well, we each have to answer this in regards to our personal lives, as we are all facing and dealing with our own unique situations, but when it comes to our grandchildren, let's think about depending on and trusting God for the most important things - for them to make the decision to turn to Jesus, to know, love, and walk with Him every day in their everyday lives, and to have a confident faith. Nothing is more important than these things.

When our grandchildren are very young, they need to have an understanding of Who Jesus is, what He did for them, how He loves them, and how they are able to love Him back. Be aware of everyday conversations and how you are able to help them make the "connections" between what is happening in their lives to who Jesus is, how He shows His love for them, and how they are able to love Him back. Be careful, so careful, as we don't want to push them to say a prayer they aren't ready to say, as this has to be something which happens by the prompting of God's Spirit - not by grandma. Jesus' love and grace are things young children are able to respond to, but too many children say a prayer they don't understand because an adult pushed them to do so. Let God draw them to Him. I know when I was young, my Sunday school and VBS teachers would ask us children to raise our hands - they sounded so sad if none of us did, so I did - many times . . . it was so easy to make them happy! Faith is something young children are able to truly have - just be sure they are responding to Jesus' call, not your call.

As our grandchildren grow older, they are able to understand who Jesus is, His Word, and how they are able to have a confident faith. Build upon their understanding. Be ready to answer their questions. Provide opportunities to have important conversations. Model what it looks like to know, love, and walk with Jesus. Tell how God has worked in your life. Hand down a confident faith.

It is our greatest joy to help the ones we love learn to develop a confident faith and walk with Him. It is also the most important thing we will ever do.

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