Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Hold Tightly to the Truth & Teach the "Whys"

Did you know it is impossible for you to see your own nose - unless you look into a mirror? But, just because we are not able to see our nose, it does not mean we stop believing we have a nose. Of course not. We believe the truth - each of us have a nose, whether we are able to see our nose or not.
I lead a group of grandparents from my church who pray for their grown sons, daughters, in-laws, and grandchildren. More and more of them are sharing how their grown children who once walked with God are currently no longer doing so. Every one of these grandparents never thought this is something which would happen with their children. They did all they knew to do to hand down the faith as their children grew up - they taught them the Bible, took them to church, encouraged them to serve in their churches, modeled what it looked like to live as people who love and follow God - but while there was a time when their grown children followed God, they currently do not. 

These grandparents do not understand what happened. They thought they were doing all they needed to do to hand down the faith. It looked for a time as if they did. But currently they feel like they failed. Their hearts are broken.

And, when their grown children stop walking with God - or worse, stop believing in God - it is much more difficult to help their grandchildren learn to walk with God. These grandparents often end up feeling very alone.

But, while they may feel alone - and while you may feel alone if you find yourself in this place - the truth is we are never alone. Not ever. It is essential for us to always tell ourselves, and choose to believe the truth . . . no matter how we may feel - whether our grown children and grandchildren are walking with God today, or not. The truth is God loves the ones we love - even more than do we. The truth is God wants them to love and follow Him - even more than do we.

So, whether our loved ones are walking with God, or not, we need to be grandparents who believe the truth, talk regularly with God, and who are focused upon handing down a confident faith. We now know we must do more than just tell our grandchildren what to believe . . . we must also tell them why they are able to believe it. I did not know about telling my children the "whys" when they were young. I know about it now, so it is a focus of what I do when it comes to handing down the faith to my grandsons. If they know there are solid reasons why they are able to believe God is real, they will be equipped to stand up for and believe the truth as they get older.

Teaching the "whys" is an essential - and far too often missing part of handing down a faith. We must do more than hand down the faith. We must hand down a confident faith and we do this by teaching the "whys". When we show the ones we love there are solid reasons for them to believe God is real and the Bible is true, so they are able to have a confident faith, they are then equipped to stand firm in their faith. They are able to believe the truth.

So, hold on to the truth and teach the "whys", so the ones you love will be able to hold on to the truth as well. (Check out the "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" series at this link. for help in teaching the "whys" to the ones you love.)

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