Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Know Them as God Knows You

It is essential for us as grandparents to know our grandchildren - really know what makes them "tick". This matters for us when it comes to discipline and to handing down a confident faith. It also matters if we want to help our grandchildren cope with all the uncertainties related to them returning to school due to covid-19.

Linda Ranson Jacobs recently shared a post from her facebook page for her excellent book - the Single Parent Confident &
Successful which I am happy to share with you today. Whether you are a single parent/grandparent or not, Linda's book, facebook page, and weekly free devotional are excellent resources for all of us - check it out at this link!

If your grandchildren show signs of anxiety, try these ideas to help them feel confident and safe. And, of course, remind them of how very much you and Jesus love them.

Know your grandchildren. Know what makes them feel afraid. Know what stresses them. Know what will help them relax. Build a strong relationship with them, so you are able to know and help them - especially as they return to school this year.

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