Thursday, August 13, 2020

Live & Show

The start of 2020 has most certainly been "difficult" for us and for the ones we love. This "difficult" year not only has another four months to go before 2021 arrives, but we certainly have more months before immunizations and treatments are available for covid; allowing life to return to a more "normal" pace. It is accurate to say 2020 so far has brought "troubles" upon us, but thankfully, we are able to hold tightly to God's promise of His unfailing love and never-ending peace, and believe He has a plan for us and the ones we love.

So, as we move into another "difficult" time as the children we love return to school, we need to believe, and live as people who truly believe, we are able to trust God - no matter what. Yes, we tell our grandchildren about God's promises, but we also must live as people who truly believe and trust in His promises. When they see us live this way, they will be better able to believe and trust as well - which is most certainly what we want for them. So, live and show . . . it matters and is a powerful way for us to hand down a confident faith.

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