Sunday, August 23, 2020

Model a Big Faith

Our grandchildren are growing up in a world where God is not held up as God. People who believe in Him are often treated as if they are unintelligent and foolish. If people are not able to explain everything, then they often do not believe; and sadly some grandparents have sons, daughters and/or grandchildren who believed as children, but now they stop believing, or at least begin to seriously question what they believe as adults. 

It is very different from when I grew up. When I was a child people tended to believed in God. People typically went to church. It was a different world.

But, the world is what it is now and it is where our grandchildren are growing up. We need to be confident in our faith and teach our grandchildren to have a big faith. It is okay when they are not able to explain or even understand things - this is faith. As Corrie Ten Boom said; "A religion small enough for our understanding, would not be big enough for our needs."

Model to your grandchildren what it means to have a big faith in our big God; He is bigger than we think He is, so we are able to have a big faith in our big God. Speak often of how our very big God has answered prayer and worked in our lives. Hand down a confident faith; no matter what the world is like.

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