Monday, August 31, 2020

Our Primary Job Description

It has almost been six months since the start of covid quarantine and social distancing. While there are churches which have re-started church services, most churches have not re-started their ministry for children and youth. Six months without the opportunity for the children we love to connect with other adults who teach them what we are and with friends who love Jesus. Six months without learning more from the Bible and being encouraged to have a confident faith. 

Now, I absolutely believe it is not the job of the church to be the primary source where the children we love have a confident faith handed to them, but for many of them, if we are honest, it is the only source - or at least the primary source. If ever there has been a time for us to step up and take on our God-given role as the primary people (along with parents) who hand faith to our grandchildren, now is the time.

But, while it is not the job of the church to be the primary source for handing confident faith to our grandchildren, the church does have a role - a job - to fulfill in helping us do this. Your church and my church not only need to, but must take an active role in providing resources for parents and grandparents to use in handing down confident faith. They must encourage parents and grandparents to take an active role as the primary people who hand down confident faith - as we hopefully move to a time when covid is no longer limiting our lives - and beyond.

Yes, these are things we need our churches to do, but most do not know the parents and grandparents in their church need them to do these things. We must speak up and ask our church to do this for us, and for the families who do not know they need these things. Send an email, or make a phone call today to the leaders at your church and ask them to help the families - to equip them to be the primary people who hand down a confident faith.

Now, it is entirely possible they will not know how to do this, but an easy way to start is by using the "Life on the 'Goldilocks Planet'" series with the families in their church. If your church leader emails me - - I will email them the digital copy of book one or two. Then, they may look it over and if they would like to use it with the families in their church (give each family a digital copy and have families work through the book together as a church learning about one animal a week, doing the activities, having important conversations about how these animals show us God is real and help the children we love have a confident faith), then they need to let me know how many families they will use it with and I will bill them $1 per family for their digital license to use the book. Please share this with the leaders at your church, so they are able to equip the families to hand down confident faith - during covid and beyond. 

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