Monday, August 31, 2020

Pray for the Condition of the Hearts of the Ones You Love & Their Relationship with God

John Wesley once said; "Prayer is where the action is." He was correct. While in this life there is much we are not able to do, we are able to pray, and God is able to do what we are not.

We are not able to change the condition of the hearts of the ones we love. We are not able to change their relationship with God, but we are able to pray and know God is able and willing to answer our prayers.

So, get in on the "action" and pray for the ones you love. Pray for specific things which apply to the situations they are facing, but, be sure to pray for the condition of their hearts and their relationship with God. Ask God to protect their hearts and minds (Jesus prayed this for His disciples in John 17, so certainly we should do the same for the ones we love) and ask God to draw them close to Him (it is the reason Jesus said He came in John 12:32, so praying this is praying for God's will). Pray, get in on the action and watch as God answers.

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