Monday, August 24, 2020

This is So AWESOME!

My grandsons typically spend Saturday night at my house for a sleepover. With covid, we watch our church's service at home, as it is live-streamed on Sunday mornings. Yesterday our pastor started a new series which will last for about eight months as he teaches through the Book of Revelation. My nine-year-old grandson was listening, and said; "This Book has Jesus' words in them! It is the things Jesus says! When we read them we are able to see what Jesus has to say! This is awesome! This is So AWESOME!!!"

He is correct - it is awesome! But the thing which is more awesome, at least to this grandma, is how he believed this to be AWESOME! 

I want my sweet boys to know, love and follow God all of their lives. I want them to believe the Bible. I want them to want to know God for themselves. I want them to have a confident faith. When they are able to see for themselves how awesome it is to be able to read God's Words, they are well on their way to a confident faith.
But, I do not want to leave my grandsons in this place - as fantastic as it is. I know as they grow up they will be faced with people who tell them God is not real and His Word is not true. It is my job as grandma to equip them with a confident faith. It is my job to encourage opportunities like yesterday when my grandson was able to hear what Revelation 1:1 says about Jesus' words. It is my job to help my grandsons learn to see the truth and to model what it looks like to live as someone who holds tightly to the truth.

This is why I am taking the time to develop the "Life on the 'Goldilocks Planet'" series. Please consider getting at least one book to use with your grandchildren to help them see the truth about how God is real and they are able to have a confident faith in Him. This is the purpose of the series available on Amazon and in our bookstore at this link.

I want my grandsons to have a confident faith. I want them to believe Jesus' Words are AWESOME!

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