Saturday, August 15, 2020

Trust God for a Confident Faith

As our grandchildren face the return to school this Fall, we and they may feel like there are plenty of things which leave us feeling afraid - or at least concerned a fair amount. But, whether they begin the 20/21 school year at home or in class, we are able to be certain God is with them - and us. So, while we may feel concerned, we do not have to be afraid or discouraged. We are able to trust God.

Take Joshua 1:9 to heart and share it with your grandchildren. Tell them about times in your life where you felt afraid and discouraged and were able to instead choose to trust God as He showed you He was with you. Help them learn to see what it looks like when God is with them and make a point to ask them throughout this school year about the ways God shows them He is with them. Get a journal and write these accounts down so you - and they - will have a written record of how God has been with you all. You may find this is the most amazing thing which will come out of this time of covid - an opening of all our eyes to see the truth - God is with us and we are able to trust Him - come what may.

Throughout our grandchildren's lives they will face and have to deal with difficult, even frightening times. If they are able to learn now to trust God and see how He is with them, they will be better able to do so as they go through their lives - and will develop a confident faith!

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