Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A Promise to Hold to when Facing Chaos

Today with so much of our world experiencing chaos - whether from

fire, weather, politics, covid, or any other thing happening in our lives, I want to share a promise with you from God in regards to our descendants. What better way is there to face chaos than being reminded of God's promises and love for our children and grandchildren.

Today's promise reminds us when we fear, love and follow God and His Word, we and our children are blessed. No matter what you are facing in this day, hold tightly to this truth. Share this truth with the ones you love, so they are able to hold tightly to it as well.

When you wonder what to do in times like this, turn to God's Word and you will find comfort in His promises. After doing this, turn to other grandparents - ask them to share with you how God has kept His promises - their "Faith Histories" will be encouraging. If a grandparent asks you to share - do so! Please share this post with the parents and grandparents you know to encourage them as well.

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