Monday, September 28, 2020

Attitude - Hand Out Crayons!

As our grandchildren continue in this new school year - whether it is in virtual school or in-person school - for the first time in Kindergarten, as another year in a familiar school, perhaps as they enter High School, maybe as they begin their studies in college, or perhaps begin a year of school in a new town, attitude truly does makes a huge difference. Take time to talk with them - in person, through email, over the phone or maybe through facetime - about how the way they see and respond to the things going on around them, the attitude they show, will impact the other students and their relationships with their teachers. Plus, most importantly, their attitude provides the opportunity for them to show others they love and follow Jesus.

Consider giving each of them a crayon - their favorite color - and ask them to keep it where they will see it each day; on their dresser, next to their bed, in their backpack - somewhere they will see it and be reminded to "color" their "situations"; their day, with an attitude which shows they love and follow Jesus. Encourage them to stop and think whenever they see something the same color to remember Who they belong to and to make the choice to "color" their "situation" in a way which shows they love God and others, because, "Attitude is the mind's paintbrush; it can color any situation."

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