Thursday, September 17, 2020

Four Steps to Making Great Memories with Grandchildren!

I so appreciate the devotion  from the Grandmother's Bible which was written by Bobbie Wolgemuth and is entitled, "I Will . .  I Will . . ."  She says, 

"Psalm 9 contains a great 'I Will' activity list to remember when you spend time with your grandchild. 
  • First, start with an attitude of praise. Tell the Lord what you are thankful for. Count your blessings, name them. It will be easy to have a heart full of thankfulness after you've named even a few. Your heart will be full and running over with the kind of attitude that pleases God and spills over on the young ones with the love of the Savior. 
  • Second, tell the kids what God has done in the past. One of our greatest resources as grandmothers is the history we have lived. Everyday miracles fill our memory banks.  Pull a few past marvels out of your memory treasure chest and tell your grandchild of the Lord's wonders. 
  • Third, be a happy grandmother. Open the door with a smile and a hug. Let your face show the gladness of the Lord. Your inside joy should envelop your grandchildren with every encounter, no matter where you are. 
  • The fourth 'I will" is my favorite: sing. Sing with your grandchildren. Leave a song in their hearts."
My two youngest grandsons will be at my house in a few hours - their mom and dad work today, so they are here for virtual school. As we go though this day, these four things will be part of the "atmosphere" at their grandma's house. These are easy things to do with them - and certainly are absolutely worth the effort.

Do you have any special days where you get to spend time with your grandsons? What do you do? So, today, or tomorrow, or the next time you are with your grandchildren, remember these four things and help hand down a confident faith by the things you say and do!

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