Saturday, September 26, 2020

God has Plans, Not Problems for Our Lives

It has been six months since our country experienced the challenges,

difficulties, and sadness which came with covid. So many people have lost loved ones. So many people are struggling with not being able to see their loved ones in hospitals/living centers. So many our our grandchildren are struggling with not being able to go to school, see their friends, or with being in school and wondering if they will contract covid. So many business owners have lost their businesses. So many people have lost their jobs. When 2020 started, none of us thought this year would shape up as it has.

But, we are absolutely able to rest confidently in the truth, "God has plans, not problems, for our lives." God is in control. He knew what 2020 had in store for us. He knows how 2020 will end and what 2021 holds for us as well. So, as grandmas (and grandpas) who are focused upon handing down the faith, lets hand down something powerful by modeling the absolute certainty we are able to trust God with confidence, no matter what happens.

Sometimes handing down confident faith involves planning special times to get together and use resources like the "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" curriculum/book series. Other times it is all about showing by the way we live our day-in-day-out lives we are able to have a confident faith in God. Do both. Plan special times and model living life with confident faith - they matter today and for each day going forward.

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