Sunday, September 13, 2020

Inspire Your Child (Grandchild) at Every Age Toward Their Best Effort

One of our Grandmas with Heart is Linda Ranson Jacobs and she is the author of the amazing book - the single parent confident & successful (you will find it at this link and it is a must-read-and-take- to-heart book whether you - or someone you love - is a single parent, or not). In her book, Linda talks about using Positive Motivation to help children to influence children - and since as grandparents we are the second-most influential people in the lives of our grandchildren (second only to parents), I thought I would share a few of her ideas for how to influence children with positive motivation with you - but just a couple of them - you will want to read her book to learn them all!

So, how are we able to, "inspire your child (grandchild) at every age toward their best effort"? Consider the following ideas . . .
  • Encourage them to give their best effort at everything they do . . . from picking up their toys to their homework at school.
  • Involve them in projects to serve others and celebrate as they show tender hearts, concern for others and a servant's heart.
  • Model what it looks like to give your best effort at everything you do as a grandma (or grandpa/parent) and how giving your best is not something you do only as a child.
  • Surround them with people who give their best effort - invite people to your home to share how they give their best . . . such as missionaries, church staff, teachers, etc. and have a meal together. Start conversations with them about how they were called to do what they are doing and why it matters for them to give their best effort at all they do. Encourage your grandchildren/children to ask questions as well.
These are just a few ideas about how we are able to, "inspire your child (grandchild) at every age toward their best effort". As we do these things we will be impacting the lives of the ones we love and we will be handing down the faith.

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