Monday, September 14, 2020

Lost: One Camel . . .

Don't you love memories? They are most certainly a wonderful gift from God. Today I'm happy to share with you a sweet memory I treasure from five years ago.

Quite a number of years ago I found a crochet pattern for a nativity set. This pattern used regular yarn and was designed to have most of the pieces fit over soda bottles . . . so, the finished set was supposed to be fairly large. 

When I saw it, I thought maybe I would instead use very small hooks (9mm or 10mm) and crochet thread to make a small set to fit nestled among the branches of my tree each year. Since I like to keep the focus of Christmas on Jesus . . . it is, after all, His birthday . . . I liked the idea of nestling a Nativity set among the branches of my tree each year.

I set about crocheting the set and made Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus in a manger, a donkey, a couple shepherds, a couple sheep, three wise men, a camel and a couple angels. Over the years our English Springer Spaniel was the guilty culprit in the demise of a shepherd, sheep and one wise man . . . Scout always looked so remorseful when we caught him with the chewed up figure, but then if he had the chance to "play with" another of the, "wonderful toys" I, of course must have made for him, he always did so!

Then, five years ago as we were decorating the tree, the camel ended up disappearing. We had one, lost camel. The last place we saw it was in the hands of one very-happy-to-be-decorating-Poppa's-and-Grandma's-Christmas-Tree two year old who was running around the living room with it while he, "mooed"!

Throughout the month my tree was up that year, I looked and looked for the lost camel - it did not show up, until we took it down after Christmas. There it was "nestled" - well "shoved" may better describe it - in the back of the tree. Apparently my then sweet youngest grandson thought it was the "perfect" spot to place the camel.

Each year since, when we decorate my tree, I remember the year we had one lost camel. I remember how happy my grandson was to be "big enough" to help his brothers decorate our tree. I remember him running around the living room with the camel while he "mooed". I remember the camel being lost and then finding it after Christmas. These may seem like small things, but to me they are memories I enjoy. 

Along with remembering what happened the year when we had one lost camel, we laugh and talk about it when we decorate it now. Typically when we talk about it, the camel ends up "mooing" again, to the laughter of the boy who is holding it. These conversations, these memories are easy and natural to share.

This is what it is able to be like as we share memories about important things like the amazing ways God has shown His love for our families, the ways He has answered our prayers, and why we are able to trust Him. Throughout the Old Testament, God tells us to remember the great things He has done and to be sure to tell the generations who follow us, so they do not forget Him, and so they will know Him. (I really do have a purpose for sharing this memory with you!)

When we share the great things God has done for us, we are handing down a confident faith and doing this is as easy as remembering each Christmastime the year we we had one lost camel!

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