Friday, September 25, 2020

Love Them No Matter What

God loves our grandchildren, no matter what. This is the truth. This

is something we absolutely want our grandchildren to believe and experience.

We know we need to be sure our grandchildren know we love them - this absolutely matters. But, we also need to be sure they know we love them for who they are - and our love is not anything they have to earn . . . or are able to lose. When they know we love them forever and for always, no matter what, they are able to rest secure in our love.

And then, most importantly, when we model this unconditional love for them, they are better able to understand, and believe in God's love for them. Our love for them is a pale reflection of God's amazing love, but when our love is faithful, unconditional, and steadfast, they will better understand what it means to be loved by God.

God loves our grandchildren no matter what. This is true, and it is a truth we absolutely want our grandchildren to experience. We are able to do our most important job of being used by God to help draw our dear grandchildren to Him, by loving them - no matter what.

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