Monday, September 21, 2020

Pray for Their Hearts

While there certainly are many things we pray  about for our grown  children and grandchildren, praying for the condition of their hearts and their relationship with God are certainly two of the most important things.  Some of my favorite verses are found in Jeremiah 24:6, 7 - 

 I am watching over them. Then someday I will bring them back. I will plant them, instead of uprooting them, and I will build them up, rather than tearing them down. I will give them a desire to know me and to be my people. They will want me to be their God, and they will turn back to me with all their heart.

These verses encourage me for the ones I love who are not walking with God - God says He is watching over them and someday He will bring them back, plant and build them firmly and give them a desire to know and walk with Him. They will want Him to be their God and turn back to Him with all their heart!

I hold tightly to this promise. If you have loved ones who are not walking with God, let these verses encourage you today. If the ones you love are walking with God, be encouraged as you see in these verses how very much God loves the ones you love - He will not turn His back on them. Consider making this your prayer -
Dear God, Thank You for loving and watching over the ones I love. Please give them hearts which want to know and walk with You with their all. And for those who are not walking with You now, please bring them back; plant and build them firmly, so they once again have the desire to know and belong to You. Please give them hearts which want to belong to You, so they turn back to You with all their heart. Amen.
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