Sunday, September 20, 2020

Remember the Blessings & Pray for Those Experiencing Tragedies

This past week - and for quite a few weeks before - we as a country
have been experiencing and watching tragedies with the fires out west and the hurricane down south. So many people have had their lives torn apart - and have lost all their belongings . . . and some have lost loved ones as well. I remember two years ago with the Carr fire how my friends and family experienced this massive, horrible fire. Even though, as David Jeremiah said, our tragedies are vastly outnumbered by blessings, when we go through the tragedies, it is most certainly a difficult time for us and for the ones we love - and for people we do not know as well.

Our grandchildren may be experiencing these tragedies, watching them on the news, hearing about them at school, or experiencing tragedies of their own. This is an opportunity for us to show what it looks like to hold tightly to God during a tragedy and make the choice to look for and remember our blessings. If our grandchildren learn to do these two things, they will be equipped to have a strong, confident faith throughout their lives.

And, please take time today to remember those who are experiencing these tragedies - pray for them. What they are experiencing is difficult today, and will be for years to come.

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