Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September Books of the Month - "Life on the 'Goldilocks Planet'" Series

I am very happy today to share with you our September Books of the Month - the Life on the "Goldilocks Planet" Series. Now, when you look at these books you may think they are for your young grandchildren/children, but while they will certainly enjoy these books, they are for your older grandchildren, grown grandchildren, and grown children as well. Who doesn't enjoy full-color photos of favorite animals - as well as some you may never have heard of before? Who doesn't like learning fun, interesting, and unusual facts about animals? Who won't benefit from learning how these animals will help to give them a confident faith? This series is for everyone you know and love!

Just look at some of the animals you will be able to learn about in this series - Blue Dragons (yes they are real!), Hummingbird Bobtail Squid, Okapi, and Red Panda, Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Pangolin, Pygmy Elephant, and Sun Bear, Blue-Footed Booby, Leafy Sea Dragon, Batoids, and Tree Kangaroo, Giant Purple Squirrels, Red-Lipped Batfish, Bakail Seal, and Kakapo! All of these animals - and 32 more - are in these books. Along with learning about these animals, you will also learn how they show us God knew what He was doing when He designed and created them, and He did so "just right"! When we see all the evidence in God's creation, we are able to have a confident faith knowing God is real!

If you are a grandparent/parent who gives books for birthdays and Christmas, consider putting these books on your gift list as not only are they beautiful full-color books, but these books will help you as a grandparent/parent hand down a confident faith.

And, Grandparents Day is just around the corner - these books make great gifts for grandparents as they will equip you to hand down a confident faith. 

Currently the first two books are available on Amazon and in our Bookstore, the third will be ready in a couple weeks and the fourth by the end of September. These books are one of the best resources you are able to give your grandchildren to use with your grandchildren of all ages . . . and to put on your own bookcase for times when your grandchildren are at your home. Look what Tim and Darcy Kimmel had to say about these books . . . 
Lynda has a winner here and she’s done all the hard work to provide us parents and grandparents with an incredible tool to build the faith of our legacy. These beautiful and educational books will equip us to fulfill God’s mandate in Psalm 71 to "declare God’s power to the next generation, His might to all who are to come." - Dr. Tim & Darcy Kimmel - parents, grandparents, authors, Grace Based Parenting
The "Life on the 'Goldilocks Planet'" series will help you hand down a confident faith in a fun, interesting, educational, and engaging way . . . please add them to your effective grandparenting tool kit and tell the grandparents and parents you know about them as well!

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