Friday, September 11, 2020

The "Steps" & the "Stops"

Are you, and the ones you love, experiencing "steps" or "stops" at this time? With covid we all have experienced some very definite "stops" for sure. But, with the return to school, many of our grandchildren are experiencing "steps" - and may be somewhat stressed about where these "steps" will take them.

This is the perfect time for us to model what it looks like to trust God, believe the truth, and accept the "steps" as well as the "stops" God brings to our lives. Make time to encourage your grandchildren - and grown children by praying with and for them. Keep in mind, none of us have experienced what it is like to be a child or young person who is heading back to school knowing covid is still out there and other schools have had to close as other children/teens became ill. This is no small thing to have on your mind - especially as a child/teen. Our loved grandchildren are experiencing something we did not. But, we have experienced how God keeps His promises and we are able to trust Him. So share you confidence. Share your faith. Let the ones you love know you are there to help, encourage, and pray for and with them - and most importantly - God is with them. He will never leave them in their "steps" or in their "stops".

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