Tuesday, September 8, 2020

What They Will Remember

My dad's funeral service is tomorrow. Over the past few days his children and grandchildren have been posting on facebook some of their memories of him. We all have commented on how we know he loved us. He spoke of this love to us all and he showed it - this is the first thing his family remembers about him.

As I have written, a time - or two, we have fewer days before us than we do behind us. This is an "inconvenient truth" - one we may not like to hear, but one which is true for all of us . . . we are not getting any younger. As I think about this, I wonder; "What will my grandsons remember about me?" and "What do I want them to remember?"

I want them to remember whenever I saw them, my face showed love and joy! I want them to remember the hugs, snuggles, and love which had no limits. I want them to remember the fun things we did together . . . the science projects (the year we decorated Easter eggs by adding vinegar and baking soda to the food coloring . . . lots of foamy color!) and baking cookies (after all, a grandma's cookie jar can not be empty!!!). I want them to remember the books we read - and the stories we wrote.

But most importantly I want them to remember how I told them God loves them even more than do I (their eyes get so big and their faces look so amazed when I say this!). I want them to remember how I told them in this world people will sometimes tell them things which do not agree with God's Word, but no matter how much we like, or even love, the people, God's Word is always right. I want them to remember the times we prayed together . . . and the many times when God answered our prayers!

Yes, I want them to remember I love them, but most importantly, I want them to remember I spoke the truth about God and His Word and this encouraged them to want to love, know and walk with God, too! I want them to remember and know I loved them and how I encouraged them to have a confident faith. 

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