Saturday, October 31, 2020

Be the Ones Who Transfer the Faith

I'm certain you are like me - we both want to see the ones we love (our grown children and our grandchildren) make the choice to love, know, and walk with God. We want them to have a confident faith. We want them to be able to hand down a confident faith to the generations to come.

Talk with God

Just a quote to think about. The idea of our prayers bothering God is a lie from Satan and we need to be careful not to believe it.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Being Faithful & Effective IS Being Momentous & Significant

As you look at the years behind you and the years before it is obvious there are more days behind you than there are before you. Does this fact leave you wondering if you made a difference? Does it leave you feeling like you do not have much to offer in the time before you? Or, does it leave you more committed to handing down confident faith? More committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of the ones you love? If you want to make this difference, do you wonder how exactly you are to go about doing so? If so, this post is for you.

I love this quote from Priscilla Shirer -

A Prayer for God's Perfect Peace

As I sit here and write this post I'm listening to the morning news. The heart-breaking reports of racism, terrorism, climbing numbers of people contracting and dying from covid, severe weather, election ads filled with anger which further divide us, and so many more reports which may leave us feeling sad, frustrated, angry, and even afraid. The world in which we, and the ones we love, are living is filled with these types of reports every day. But, we do not have to be afraid. We do not have to despair. We are able to have God's perfect peace, even in the sad and frustrating things which are happening.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

God Knows What Your Grandchildren Need

If you ever wonder if you are able to give your grandchildren what they need - to hand down confident faith - take heart in knowing God does not make mistakes - He knew what He was doing when He gave you the grandchildren you have and gave them the grandma (and grandpa/parents) they have!

Trust God with Our Grandchildren

The first time our grandchildren are placed into our arms, we know we will love them forever. We hold them tight and with each grandchild, we are completely convinced we are holding the most adorable grandchild ever!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

This Christmas Impact & Inspire with the "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" Curriculum & Book Series

Christmas 2020 is just under two months away and is one of the special times of the year when we grandmas (and grandpas/parents, too) have an opportunity to impact and inspire the ones we love. For the coming month, I will from time-to-time share gift ideas with you. Today I am sharing some excellent reasons for you to give the gift of confident faith with the "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" curriculum/book series to children, parents, and grandparents on your gift list this year . . .

Memories & Heritage

When you think back on your grandparents, do you have memories of times spent with them? Are there aromas and tastes you recall? Are there things which once belonged to them and now are small bits of your heritage?

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Choose our Influencers, Trust & Believe the Truth

In my book, The DNA of Grandparents & Parents who Hand Down the Faith, I looked at several people from the Bible and what we are able to learn from them; including Elisha and how he lived as someone with a strong Spiritual DNA. One of the ways he did this was by being careful about who he allowed to influence him. I wrote; "It matters who we allow to influence us. Elisha chose to be influenced by Elijah and in making this wise choice, his beliefs, actions and experiences were shaped by someone who loved, knew and followed God. This is extremely important for us; and for our grandchildren."

Why Doesn't the Church Have Ministry to Grandparents?

Last week I wrote about how three of the Grandmas with Heart are also Charter Members of the Legacy Coalition who were there from the beginning and who helped found it. Today I'm very happy to share with you a clip of a general session from one of these grandmas, Cathy Jacobs, as she taught at the first Grandparenting Conference where the Legacy Coalition provided speakers. Listen to what Cathy had to say about why it matters for churches to have a ministry which engages and equips grandparents to hand down the faith. (You will find it at this link.)

Monday, October 26, 2020

Choose to Fully Trust, Pray & Praise

2020 has certainly held things we did not anticipate. Covid. Schools closing and going virtual. Quarantining. A particularly challenging election year. Riots. A change in how we gather for celebrations, holidays, even funerals - I experienced this when my dad died in September. When 2020 began, I had no idea it would "shape up" as it has.

The Best Parts of Growing Older

It dawned on me this morning, we are only 67 days from the end of 2020 and the start of a new year. With all we have been experiencing in 2020, and the hope for the vaccine and an end to covid taking so many lives, 2021 will not arrive quickly enough.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Memorable Ways to Focus Upon Developing Eyes of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is just a month and a few days away. In the days leading up to this day where we tend to particularly focus upon being thankful, take time to be thankful - to look around you with "eyes of gratitude"; and consider challenging your grandchildren to do the same.

To help you with this, try one - or more of the following ideas . . .

Trust God to Draw the Ones We Love to Him

Fall is a time when we are able to see God's amazing creation in it's colorful glory . . . at least here in West Michigan as the trees are ablaze with color! Isn't it comforting to know the God Who created everything loves our grandchildren (and adult children, too) - even more than we do and He wants them to love Him even more than we do? 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Labor & Watch

Aren't you so thankful for the truth in this quote from Henrietta Mears! Our prayers, whether they are eloquent or awkward, do not depend upon us. They depend upon God and He has the power, and will, to hear, listen, and answer our prayers - He will do the work.

Model What it Means to Live Life with God's Perspective Guiding Us

Over the last eight months of covid, we have become aware of the things which matter most to us. We have experienced how family and friends matter so deeply - and are missed deeply when we are not able to be physically with them. We know what it is like to miss being able to do the things we "always" did. We know the things which matter the most. We know what we want the most can not be bought; not for a billion dollars or any amount of money. Our "vision" has become more clear as to the things which matter the most. For me, more than anything I want my daughter, son, daughter-in-law, grandsons, and family as a whole to know, love, and walk with God. 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Build Memories to Hand Down a Confident Conviction

When we share memories with our grandchildren, we are helping them connect with the past. This is why it matters for us to tell them the ways God has worked in the lives of their family who came before them - as you do this, they will see God is real and is still working in the lives of real people in their own family. This matters.

Thoughts About Being "Real" & Trusting God's Great Love

 Today I want to share something with you once again, which I originally wrote five years ago and posted to the Legacy Coalition Facebook page/blog, and then add a few more thoughts. I wrote . . .

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Keep On Keeping On, Do Not Give Up, You Continue to Have a Purpose

While there are many verses in the Bible which particularly speak to, encourage and challenge me, these verses from Psalm 71 are at the top of my list. They put my life and what drives me into words . . . 

Be Involved - It Matters

For far too many years, we were "sold" the idea of how our retirement years should be spent on us. We believed our retirement is time for us to travel, play golf and relax. But this is not the truth. None of these things are the things which truly matter. Handing down confident faith is what truly matters and we do this by spending the time we have with our grandchildren.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Pray for a Confident Faith & Leave a Legacy of Faith

Whether it is a teacher at school or collage, a friend, or even a family member, it is inevitable our grandchildren will know people who tell them God is not real and the Bible is not true. This is one of the many reasons it matters confident faith, for us to be faithful in praying for them to have hearts which are soft and open to the truth and minds which see and believe the truth. These things matter if we truly want to leave the ones we love a legacy of faith. When they think about God, we want them to say;

Trust God's Direction in Your Life & the Lives of Those You Love

Don't you find strength and encouragement in knowing this is true - God knows the best way for us to reach our destination! This is true for our children and grandchildren, too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Grandmas Have Much to Offer

While grandmas may end up pushed to the side by some ministries and churches, the truth is Grandmas are able to do some very important things. We grandmas have much to offer. In fact, when it comes to handing down confident faith, grandmas are most often the people who are most focused upon handing down a confident faith. Yes, grandpas also have much to offer and many grandpas care deeply about doing so, but we grandmas do as well. We have much to offer.

Our Grandchildren Need a Walk With God Which is Their Own

Four of the Grandmas with Heart have also been part of the Legacy Coalition - three of us, Cathy Jacobs, Sherry Schumann and Lynda Freeman - are actually Charter Members, as we were there at the start of the Legacy Coalition. The very first Grandparenting Conference where the Legacy Coalition provided speakers was in May of 2016 in Minnesota and Cathy and Lynda taught both general and breakout sessions. Today I am going to share a short video clip of Lynda's general session - this is a clip of Lynda speaking about why it matters for our grandchildren to have a faith of their own.

Monday, October 19, 2020

A Prayer to See, Know, Believe & Hold Tightly to the Truth - John 7:17

On this day when we may be thinking about the cares and concerns in our lives - covid, the children we love going to school or studying at home, our grown children and their walk with God, etc. take time to pray for the ones you love to have eyes which are open, so they will know the truth and choose to believe. 

Pray & Be Part of the Answer

As we grandmas know, prayer is one of the most powerful - if not the most powerful thing we will ever do for our grandchildren - and children, too. Oh yes, we spend time with them, plan opportunities to go places together, talk, and invest in them in other ways which matter, too, but prayer is the most powerful thing we will do, because God has promised to hear, listen to and answer our prayers!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Two Kinds of Grandparents - Your Grandchildren Need You

While a grandparent is a grandparent no matter where they live, there are two kinds of grandparents. There are the grandparents who have a strong family team which is focused upon handing down the faith to the children they love, and they are part of this team. Their team is comprised of the parents and grandparents - the first and second most influential people in the lives of their grandchildren - the people who love their grandchildren the most. The team members are intentional about sharing their faith history, prayer history and how God and His Word are completely trustworthy; they are focused upon handing down the faith to the children they love and they do it together, as a strong team.

Prayers that Stir the Hearts of Grandparents


One year ago, one of our Grandmas with Heart, Sherry Schumann released her new book; Prayers that Stir the Hearts of Grandparents, so today it is my honor and delight to let you know about this wonderful book.  In  Prayers that Stir the Hearts of GrandparentsSherry provides you with 40 wonderful prayers which you are able to pray for your grandchildren, grown children, yourself and even grandchildren yet unborn. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Bags - Shine Like the Stars

As grandmas who are committed to handing down confident faith, we know how important it is for us to engage our grandchildren when we do this, so they are able to learn the way God created them to learn. I have active grandsons, so I know I need to use activity with them when I hand down confident faith. If you would like to try an activity I used with my grandsons, try this "Mystery Bag" activity with your grandchildren and hand down confident faith to your grandchildren.

There Absolutely Are Reasons & Reasons

Yes, you and I are the "older travelers" to whom Amy Carmichael referred in her quote . . . whether we want to think of ourselves as "older" . . . or not! It truly has been a number of years since we started on our journeys through life and we have been able to see, experience and learn a lot which helps us know with confidence God has led us, "over hill and dale" and He did not give us a spirit of fear. He has always been beside us, each step of our way and as we look at those behind us, who are just starting on this journey of their own, we are able to assure them, with complete confidence, "there are reasons and reasons for hope and for happiness and never one for fear."

Friday, October 16, 2020

God Promises His Steadfast Love - Remember & Share It

As I've been writing, we are absolutely able to depend upon God to keep His promises. I am so thankful for the amazing promises He has given us in His Word, but one of my personal favorites is found in Psalm 103 - look at verse 17 . . . 

Share the Truth About Who God Is with Your Grandchildren

One of the very important things we need to do as grandmas who are purposeful about handing down confident faith, is to help give our grandchildren a true view of Who God truly is. The world around them will not do this; and sadly, even our churches may not do an effective job when it comes to helping our grandchildren see the truth about God, if they leave them thinking God is boring, because their classes tend to be boring. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Help the Ones You Love Move From Belief to Conviction

As grandmas (and grandpas/ parents, too) we sincerely want the children (grand and grown) to believe in Jesus. Belief matters to us, but more than belief we want them to be convicted, firmly convinced, and confident in what they believe. Yes, we want them to know what they believe, but more importantly we want them to know why they believe what they believe. This is why it matters so much for us to teach the "whys" - give them reasons, solid reasons for why they are able to believe what they believe.

God Keeps His Promises

I love this quote from D.L. Moody! Even better, I love reading God's promises in the Bible and being able to point to times in my life where He has kept His promises! 

Just look at some of the many, wonderful, amazing promises from God . . . 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Change Things with Believing Prayer

There are many things we are able to say about prayer, but Jesus said it the best . . . 

Model Being a Peacemaker Who Loves & Prays for Others

Election 2020 has filled our lives - or at least our facebook pages - with posts supporting - or tearing down - candidates. So many political posts - so much anger.

For several years now I have loved this excerpt of a prayer from Clement of Rome. You may be wondering, "
Who was Clement of Rome?" Great question. I wondered the same thing a few years ago when my church asked me to write a short story about Clement of Rome for a series on heroes of the faith for the children in our church. Please allow me to share with you what I learned and a few things for us to think about when it comes to handing down confident faith to our grandchildren - especially during this time of political unrest in our country.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Nature Gives Us Confident Faith

I love this quote from Max Lucado - "Nature is God's first missionary. where there is no Bible, there are sparkling stars . . . If a person has nothing but nature, then nature is enough to reveal something about God."

The world around us shows design, purpose, intention, planning - it shows us God. When we share the ways our planet and the creatures on it show us God's design, we are able to help the ones we love learn to have a confident faith.

Redeem Your Days

As I write this post and look out my window I see the trees awash with color! Bright yellows, reds and oranges as Fall takes hold here in West Michigan. It will not be long before my yard looks like the yard in this photo - covered in leaves, as we have seven large maple trees in our yard - one is the most enormous maple tree I've ever seen, a very big sycamore tree, several birch trees and numerous pine trees - yes, we have trees and most leave millions of leaves in our yard . . . keeping my husband busy clearing the leaves before the snow arrives each year!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Hand Down Confident Faith with Blue Dragons, Eyelash Vipers, Civets, Red-Lipped Batfish & More!

Well, it was a busy Summer and Fall around this grandma's house! My grandsons helped with the development of four books designed to engage children, teens, young adults, adults, and help grandparents/ parents hand down a confident faith. They tested a water-balloon launcher, made "bugs" and then spent time shooting them off plants outside with water-guns, tested recipes, enjoyed science projects, made tie-dye shirts, created hover-crafts, participated in an egg drop activity and many more activities chosen to engage children/teens/adults and help make the message of our books "stick"! Most importantly, we have been able to have important conversations about why we are able to believe in God and trust Him with confidence.

Embrace Your Role as Grandparents

Whether you are grandparents who are able to team up with your grandchildren's parents to hand down confident faith as a unified team, or you are the only ones who hand down confident faith to your grandchildren, the important thing is for you to fully and enthusiastically take on the role given to you by God to hand down confident faith. There is nothing more important for us to do with the time we have left; nothing which will leave a bigger impact on the lives of those we love the most.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Join Us in Prayer

Prayers of grandmas - and grandpas/parents, too - make a difference. They matter. This is the truth, so when we take it to heart and pray, we are doing something which matters.

God ALWAYS Does What He Says He Will Do

I LOVE this quote! There are things I pray every day for my family and friends and I depend upon God to do as He has promised. I hold tightly to the truth, "It is God's nature to keep His promises."

Saturday, October 10, 2020

You Have a Phenomenal Privilege

While there are people in this world who discount the impact grandparents are able to have in the lives of the children they love, the truth is, you have an incredible opportunity to impact their lives in ways unique to you. While in their lifetime they are likely to be impacted by many teachers, friends, and associates, they only have a couple grandparents - and the more you focus upon building a solid, loving, relationship with them, the more your influence grows as well. Max Lucado is right - no one is able to make a difference and teach your child, grown child, or grandchild as are you - look what God says in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 -

Share the Truth

I know there are solid reasons to be someone who no longer uses Facebook, but I find it is a tool which allows me to stay in touch with family and friends - especially those who live far from me. It is also a tool which allows me to share my faith with those I love and encourage them - especially in times such as the ones in which we are living. Consider sharing the following with the ones you love today . . .

Friday, October 9, 2020

You Make a Difference Because You Have the Concern

Yesterday when my grandsons were at my house, I told them I love them. This is not something unusual, as I do tell them this, often. My youngest grandson stopped what he was doing, looked at me, smiled and said; "That is obvious!"

Book Four is Available - Red-Lipped Batfish, Giant Purple Squirrels, Kakapo & More!

I am very happy today to let you know about a new book in the Life on the "Goldilocks Planet" series . . . book four - Red-Lipped Batfish, Giant Purple Squirrels, Kakapo & More! In this book/curriculum tool for grandparents/parents, you will find twelve unique animals with full-color photos, fun facts, activities, quotes from scientists, and questions to get you talking - all designed to enable you to hand down a confident faith.

God's Grace is the Reason for Everything

Don't you just love this quote! It is so true! God has blessed me with His grace; His amazing, great grace. My life is filled with His joy and peace, because of His gift of grace.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Teach Your Grandchildren to Pray & Trust

As grandparents who are focused upon handing down confident faith, we make sure we pray for the ones we love, live a life which models true faith, plan opportunities to hand down confident faith (using resources such as the ones you will find in our bookstore), watch for unplanned opportunities to hand down confident faith, share our family's faith and prayer history, and we are purposeful about helping our grandchildren learn to be people who talk with God on their own. We want them to know God does answer their prayers and learn to be people who trust Him for the best answers in the best time.

Hand the Faith to Your Grandchildren - They Are Able to Believe

As grandmas (and grandpas and parents, too) who are purposeful when it comes to handing down the faith, this truth is one which motivates and moves us. Our grandchildren are able to understand the truth about God, His love, grace, faithfulness and Word.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Introduce the Ones You Love to Jesus

It absolutely is our "duty", job, and great joy to introduce the ones we love to Jesus. This may be great to say, but if you are not sure how to introduce the ones you love to Jesus, or are looking for new ideas to help you do this, consider getting the curriculum/book - Civets, Tree Kangaroos, Batoids & More! as I wrote this book, and the others in the series, to help me have the resources and tools I need to hand down confident faith to my grandsons.

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