Friday, November 20, 2020

Be Thankful in a Year of Uncertainty & Loss

The end of 2020 is just over one month away. I am looking forward to 2021 and the hope covid will become part of our past, as life returns to a more "normal" pace. I know I have been very blessed throughout the challenges of 2020 as I have been able to see my grandsons several times a week as they stayed with me while their parents went to work and I still have one grandson who comes to my house two days a week for virtual school while his parents are at work. I know so many grandparents have only been able to spend time with their grandchildren virtually, so since this has not been my experience, I am very thankful, and my heart aches for those who have not been able to do this. 

I know many families across our country have lost loved ones to covid, and have family members who survived covid, but who now have health challenges. My heart goes out to them. While I did not lose anyone to covid - so far - my dad did die this past Fall, so 2020 has been a year of loss for my family.

My grandsons have experienced things in 2020 I never did when I was their ages. They had school abruptly "end" last Spring as their final trimester switched to virtual school. While my oldest grandson was able to return to school this Fall, he is now back home for virtual school due to the increasing numbers of covid in Michigan. My two youngest grandsons both participated in virtual school for their first trimester this Fall, one is back in class and the other continues to learn at home. Uncertainty seems to be the word which best describes school this year and this uncertainty certainly is able to bring stress to the lives of the children and families.

Church has also changed with virtual church and limited opportunities for children. If ever we need to step up and take on our job of handing down confident faith, this is absolutely the time for us to do so. Perhaps we will leave this time with a better understanding and heart for those who are shut-in.

I am looking forward to the end of covid and a return to more "normal" life. But, I also want to be sure I do not miss the things God has done, and continues to do during this year of uncertainty and loss. As you think about celebrating Thanksgiving - from a distance this year for many - be sure to think about how God has shown Himself to be real, present, and merciful - no matter the uncertainty and loss. Be ready to share how you have been able to turn to God with your questions and concerns in 2020 - share this with the ones you love - as you celebrate Thanksgiving virtually, from a distance, or however you celebrate. Think and pray about how you will share your thankfulness with the ones you love - doing so is a powerful way to hand down confident faith.

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