Thursday, November 12, 2020

Christmas Gifts Which Make a Difference - Prayers that Stir the Hearts of Grandparents

Today I'm very happy to share with you another book written by another of our Grandmas with Heart - Sherry Schumann. In her book, Prayers that Stir the Hearts of GrandparentsSherry provides you with 40 wonderful prayers which you are able to pray for your grandchildren, grown children, yourself and even grandchildren yet unborn. 

With each prayer Sherry provides lined journal space, so you are able to listen to the prompting of the Spirit and personalize the prayers with the names of the ones you love and anything the Spirit may be nudging you to pray about for them as well.

Prayers that Stir the Hearts of Grandparents is a wonderful tool - one you will absolutely use - to add to your grandparent's (or parent's) "tool kit" to help you hand down confident faith or to give to the parents, grandparents, friends on your gift list. You will find it at this link.

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