Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Christmas Resources/Books Which Make a Difference - Generations Quest - Cultivate the Faith!

For many years there were few, if any, resources designed to help grandparents - and parents - hand down confident faith. Happily this is no longer the case. We are happy to share another book/ resource for you and your own personal "tool box" which is full of solid information designed to help you hand down confident faith - it also makes a wonderful gift to assist the parents, grandparents, friends on your gift list, in helping the children you love grow in their walk with God. Today's resource is Generations Quest - Cultivate the Faith! and is written by one of our "Grandmas" - Lynda Freeman. 

In Generations Quest - Cultivate the Faith! you will find 52 Bible adventures with science projects and activities written to provide you the tools you need to sit down with the children you love to focus upon handing down confident faith in a fun, engaging and very importantly, a memorable way.

Each lesson will have you discovering more about real people in the Bible and how they chose to love, know and follow God. You will learn to pray Scripture and be encouraged to keep a prayer journal - the children you love will learn to keep a prayer journal. You will also find information to help you with the "whys" - why we are able to believe in God and trust the Bible with confidence. There will be lots of time and ideas for fun - great way to build memories together.

You will even be able to use 
Generations Quest - Cultivate the Faith! if your grandchildren live far; just send them the supplies they will need, arrange with their parents a time to connect over the phone or facetime/google hangouts and you will be able to do these lessons and projects "together" as you hand down confident faith across the miles.

Add Generations Quest - Cultivate the Faith! to your own "took kit" and give it as a gift which will equip others to hand down the faith.

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