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Christmas Resources/Books Which Make a Difference - A GRAND PLAN | A Note from Joani Schultz

This blog is committed to provide encouragement for grandparents - and parents, too - to help them hand down confident faith. We are also committed to letting you know about resources which will equip you to do this. With Christmas just around the corner, November is a great month to do this - and we already have by sharing the new curriculum/book series - "Life on the Goldilocks Planet". Throughout the month of November, we will continue to recommend books and resources written/developed by the Grandmas with Heart for you to consider adding to your own intentional grandparenting resource "tool kit" and for you to give as gifts for Christmas to your grandchildren, grown children, children, parents, spouse, siblings, friends, church. These resources are full of solid information which will help you in your walk with God, help you hand down confident faith and assist you in helping the ones you love grow in their walk with God.

Today we are starting with a couple resources by one of our Grandmas with Heart - Joani Schultz, Group Publishing's Chief Creative Officer, who wrote the following post to introduce you to these great tools. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to use these tools with the children you love all throughout the Christmas season!

Greetings Grandmas with Heart! I just jotted this pre-holiday blog about my love for Christmas music—and being a grandma. I thought you’d enjoy knowing about this musical delight!

More than 130 million babies come into the world each year.
A baby is born every eight seconds in the United States.
By the time you finish reading this, another bundle of joy will have

entered our world!
Yet no baby born has had more impact on humanity than Jesus.
That’s God’s grand plan!
Maybe because nothing melts icy human hearts more than the coo and cuddle of an infant. Or maybe God knew we’d be drawn to the wonder of a tiny God-born man come to rescue our broken world. Or maybe God understood how much we need flesh and blood reminders of who He is—Immanuel, God with us. A grand plan indeed!
Lately I’ve lived another “grand plan.”
I’m a grandma now (dubbed Mimi by our granddaughter)—and I care deeply about our little one falling in love with Jesus. I’m humbled how God’s grand plan uses us—all generations—to share His good news.
Another “grand” plan
Since Christmas resounds with musical traditions, it’s easy (every year) to bring out favorite songs which tell and retell God’s grand plan of coming to our world in Jesus. I want our “grand” to know and love favorite Christmas music—but more than that—I want her to know and love the Jesus in these lyrics.
So, our Group team joined me in creating a special Christmas resource just for you—someone who loves kids, too. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, children’s leader, or Sunday school teacher you’ll enjoy this musical, multi-sensory resource. With these two 4-week lesson books (print or digital) you can give the gift of treasured Christmas songs (and Jesus) to the kids in your life.

More “grand” Christmas resource called Songs of the Christmas Story and MORE Songs of the Christmas Story will delight you and the kids in your life.
Here’s what I love most about these resources:
Kids learn beloved Christmas songs which have stood the test of time. They’re traditional melodies our own grandparents would’ve sung. “Joy to the World,” “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” “Silent Night,” “What Child Is This?” and more. Sadly, many children today never hear faith-based traditional Christmas music.
Kids lead kids by singing and moving to the music. Fun, lively music videos take traditional songs and add a contemporary twist. Kids love it, all the while cementing words of God’s grand plan of living among us (Immanuel).
Kids discover surprising “behind the scenes” stories of how Christmas songs came to be. Who knew a Sunday school teacher’s trip to Bethlehem inspired “O Little Town of Bethlehem”? That, and loads of other tidbits bring Christmas traditions to life.
Kids dive into hands-on discoveries which make Christmas relevant and real. Interactive and easy-to-lead lessons offer flexible Christmas ideas to use in whatever format works best for you.
Make Songs of the Christmas Story and MORE Songs of the Christmas Story part of your grand plan this Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Joani Schultz

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