Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Hand Down Confident Faith on Purpose So Your Children & Grandchildren Know & Remember

When you read through the Old Testament, you see how God showed His grace, forgiveness, mighty hand, great faithfulness and love over and over again. He forgave Adam and Eve, walked with Joseph throughout his time in Egypt, protected Moses, so he would be able to lead the people out of Egypt to the land God promised would be their own. He parted the Red Sea, provided food and water while the people wandered in the desert and gave them leaders like Moses and Joshua to get them to a place they would be able to call home. God protected them from people who wanted to harm them - even one time using a donkey which talked.

Over and over again God provided, forgave, showed grace, brought down actual walls, protected and showed His great love. In light of all of this, you might think God's people would never be able to stop talking about all God did for them. But in Judges 2:10 we read . . . 

After that generation died, another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the LORD or remember the mighty things He had done for Israel.

God's people did not tell their children and grandchildren about the amazing things God did for them. They did not share their family's Faith & Prayer Histories. They did not hand down confident faith. They kept to themselves what God did for them.

We might wonder, "How could they do such a thing? How could they fail to hand down confident faith? Why did they not make sure their children and grandchildren knew the amazing things God did for them?" All reasonable questions, but better questions are; "Why don't we hand down confident faith? Why don't we tell our children and grandchildren the amazing things God does for us?"

It does not matter now why the people in the Bible did not hand down confident faith, but it does matter why we do not make sure we are purposeful about handing down confident faith. If we do not want our children and grandchildren to become the people who, "did not acknowledge the LORD or remember the mighty things He had done for" them, we have to be purposeful about telling them how God works in our lives. We have to tell them, on purpose, how and when God answers our prayers. Even better, we need to share our prayer requests with them and invite them to pray with us. We need to be people who hand down confident faith; on purpose and in those moments when the day-in-day-out living of our lives provides opportunities for us to do so. We need to let our children and our children's children know God is real, the Bible is true and they are able to know, love and walk with God, so they will make the choice to know, love and walk with God for themselves.

Hand down confident faith on purpose. It matters.

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